Screen Printing

Screen printing is our primary method of decorating apparel. We excel at putting soft prints on soft tees. If this is what you’re looking for, check out our “Vintage Soft” printing option!

Imprint styles

Ink Styles: Opaque and Vintage Soft

Ink Styles: Opaque and Vintage Soft

We offer two main imprint styles:

Standard Opaque – produces a bold, opaque imprint. This is ideal when you want bright colors on dark garments. Imprints have the heavier feel of traditional screen printing.

Vintage Soft – produces a softer, thinner imprint, which is perfect for today’s super-soft, fashion forward tees. It also work well on standard tees featuring distressed designs. In most cases, you can expect to see some of the shirt color through lighter ink colors.


Imprint Colors

For most prints, we use spot-color screen printing, which means that each color in the design must be printed through a separate screen. The most cost-effective prints utilize high-impact designs in 1-2 colors. You can choose from our stock ink colors, which include neons & metallics. We can also custom mix ink to match Pantone colors, too!

For full-color images, we offer 4-color process CMYK printing. This is best for images with a wide range of colors, such as stylized photos or cartoon graphics. CMYK process printing works only on white, natural,  and light colored garments.


We can print on almost any garment location you can think of, as long the imprint will fit. We don’t print over seams or zippers. We will only print off the edge of the garment in some cases – talk to us if this is your plan.


-Our maximum print size is 12.4″w x 17″h.
-Certain garments, such as some ladies fit sizes, may require a smaller print. In general, we recommend a width of 11″ for youth & ladies sizes.
-Screens print at a specific imprint size. Where only one garment type is needed, art should be sized to fit the smallest garments in the order. Where there’s more variety, such as youth & adult tees or ladies fit & unisex, it’s often best to print at two separate sizes, one smaller, one larger. This costs a little extra, but it keeps the shirts looking balanced!