Screen – Art Requirements

Art Requirements for Screen Printing

Properly submitted artwork is necessary to avoid or reduce art prep fees. These are the essential requirements for art for screen printing:

Art must be created & saved at actual imprint size, at 300ppi resolution; or must be full vector. (See acceptable file types/versions below.)

-Design color(s) should be solid with crisp edges, and filled black. Transparency & anti-aliasing should be avoided.
EXCEPTIONS: If gradients or photorealistic images need to be reproduced using halftones, please include those layers as grayscale images. For 4-color process CMYK prints, please send the full-color image in a single layer.

-Each design color should be saved on a separate layer in the art file. Name layers according to color.

-All text layers must be rasterized. For vector, text must be converted to objects/curves/outlines. Any effects, masks, etc., should also be rasterized/merged/flattened so there is a single, clean layer per color.

-A flattened, full-color mockup layer or file showing what the final image should look like is appreciated.

-If your design is not already centered on page in the file, please include a layer showing the centerline.

Designers: Do not add trap or specify print order without contacting us first. In general, these are things we determine to suit each job. Thanks!

-Accepted formats are: .psd, .ai, .eps, .tif, .jpg, .gif. Save Adobe files as CS5 or earlier.

If you are not able to meet these specifications, please send us the best file(s) you can, and we’ll provide a quote based on what will be required to make the art usable.

Designers: We want to work with you to achieve a final result everyone is pleased with. We welcome any questions or concerns you might have. From Pantone specs to halftone sizes, to suggestions on how to get the most mileage out of the number of ink colors your client can afford, we’re happy to provide any input we can to help your project go smoothly.

If your artwork is ready and you’ve determined the garments you want, you’re ready to place a quote or order request.