People have questions. We’ve answered a lot of them before. If you don’t see yours on this list, please contact us!

Q. What’s your turnaround time?
A. Our standard turnaround time is 10 business days from time payment is received til time the order ships. Rush orders (under 2 weeks) are usually possible; rush fees will be applied.

Q. Do prices include shipping/setup/screens/… ?
A. Yes. Unless otherwise stated, our posted prices and our quotes include shipping and all standard fees. Art fees are not considered standard, and are added only when needed.

Q. Do you require a minimum order quantity?
A. Yes. Our minimums are staggered based on the work involved, as follows:

# of screens needed

minimum order

print description


12 pcs

1-color @ 1 imprint location ONLY.


18 pcs

1-color @ 2 imprint locations, OR 2-colors @ 1 imprint location.


24 pcs

1-color @ 3 imprint locations, OR combo of 1-color @ 1st location + 2-colors @ 2nd location.


36 pcs

any combination of prints/colors

5+ colors at any one location requires a minimum of 72 pieces.
All minimums apply to reorders as well as initial orders.

Q. What is your shipping area?
A. We currently ship anywhere in the USA where UPS delivers via ground shipping. If this does not apply to your address, please contact us to confirm we’ll be able to ship to you.

Q. What sizes of shirts should I order?
A. We can give you some general advice on this once we know who your target audience is. But in the end, the answer is: do your best to estimate the sizes of the people who will wear your shirts. You probably know them better than we do!

Q. Can you ship shirts to us while we’re on tour?
A. Definitely! Talk to us coordinate a delivery date & location.

Q. Do you print stickers/posters/album covers/… ?
A. No. We only print apparel, and other wearable accessories. The only non-fabric items we offer are 1″ buttons.

Q. Can you help us with our design?
A. Yes. Please see our Design page.

Q. Do you sponsor bands or events? Will you give us free merch if we promote you to our fans?
A. Sorry, no. Bands & events are our customers, and your fans are interested in buying from you, not us. We’ll work to give you a good deal on apparel your fans will love.

Q. Can you give me a deal if I bring you a lot of business?
A. Possibly. It depends on your situation. Our pricing is already competitive, and something about your orders would have to create room for us to offer a lower price. If you do a lot of reprint orders of reasonable volume, or place consistent high volume orders,  you could be a candidate for special pricing. If you’d like to find out more, please email us, and we’ll discuss what’s possible.
However, if you simply “know a lot of people who need shirts,” this question probably isn’t the place to start. We’d be happy to talk to you about other ways to get the best price possible.

Q. Can we get this design our friend is going to do for us, with a zillion colors in it, on the priciest, trendiest shirts available? For like, less than $200 total? We want 50-100 of them. No wait. How about 15 of them?
A. We love you. But no. Whatever level you’re working at, we strongly encourage you to be realistic about the budget you have, and try to put together a design+garment combination that helps you make the most of that budget. (If you’re reselling, we really want to see you make a profit!) TIP: It’s always best to understand how the artwork will affect printing costs before you commit to a design. Talk to us if you have questions!