1-inch buttons

We print full color 1″ buttons! These are a great, inexpensive way to add variety to your available merchandise. They can also be used as incentive giveaways to promote your message or engage people in your cause.

Bonus feature: In addition to the main design visible from the front, 1″ buttons allow for a slogan or URL to be printed on the “curve” around the edge of the button. It’s a perfect way for people to remember how to find you later!


Pricing for buttons is simple: $20 + 15 cents each. Minimum order is 50 pieces, shipping & setup is included. (No art fees will be applied if templated artwork is properly supplied.)

Full pricing, base on quantity:
50 = $27.50 = .55ea
100 = $35 = .35ea
175 = $46.25 = .26ea
250 = $57.50 = .23ea
500 = $95 = .19ea
1000 = $170 = .17ea

Art Requirements

-Artwork for buttons must be submitted using one of our templates.
-Resolution and/or imprint size of templated file should not be changed.
-Edge text(for URL or other text) should use a clean, simple font that will print legibly at approx 6pt size.

Artwork Tips:
Remember that one inch is a tiny imprint area! Keep your artwork crisp, uncluttered, and free of subtle details. Photographic artwork is okay, but realize that finer details may not be visible in the print.

Button template, .PSD file
Button template, .EPS file
Button template, .GIF file

If your artwork is ready and you know how many buttons you want, you’re ready to place a quote or order request.